A Christian day camp for fostered children and their parents and guardians

Volunteers: The proof in our pudding

Our volunteers are very committed to using their God-given gifts and passions to see these young boys grow into amazing men. The volunteers use their gifts to teach these boys outdoor skills and valuable life lessons.

If you are interested in volunteering at Three Circles Foundation, please contact us. We are required by Georgia state law to perform background checks. Please fill out and email us the forms found in out "How to Help" page.

Board Members

  • Jeremy Collins, DVM, President , Founder
  • Stephen Collins, Secretary
  • Josh Baker, Member
  • Ashley Decker, Membe
  • Danny Harkins, Member
  • Jeff Martin, Member
  • David Luther, Member
  • Patsy Wade, MA, Member
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Junior Volunteers

  • Josh Shepard
  • Justin Jones
  • John Valentine


David and Pattie Luther

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
David serves as a member of the board of directors and director of the carpentry activities. Pattie serves as the activity director.

David and Pattie Luther live in Menlo, Ga. They have been married since 1981 and have 2 young adult sons. David is the Director of Member Services with the Georgia Firefighters’ Pension Fund. Pattie is a public school teacher who teaches elementary children in Chattooga County. They are both graduates of Leadership Chattooga. David served the Menlo Fire Department for 32 years. He served as fire chief for 27 of those years. He coached recreational ball for 16 years. They are members of The Church at Northside in Armuchee, Ga. David serves as an elder. They are both involved with missions and various other church ministries.

“We both have the spiritual gifts of service and giving. We enjoy helping people and serving others. Serving at Three Circles Foundation has been such a blessing to us. We love being there for these boys at camp each month. Our desire is to show God’s love to them. God’s love and his word are the only things that can change the heart and life of a child. “


Patsy A. Wade

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
I am a new board member of the Three Circles Foundation where I serve as a team member assisting fellow board members oversee organizational operations while providing support and encouragement.

My name is Patsy A. Wade; I am a life-long resident of Chattooga County. I have been employed by Floyd Medical Center Emergency Care Center for the past 10 years. I have also been employed part-time by the FamilyMenders Family Preservation Progarm for the past 4 years. I am a 2008 graduate of Shorter College where I earned a Masters degree in Leadership (2008) and a Bachelors degree in Human Services (2004).
I have one brother, Kenneth Tubbs, who lives in Rome Georgia.
Currently I serve as a member of the:
Chattooga County Literacy Council
Trion Lion's Club
Floyd Medical Center Breast Center Advocacy Program
Floyd Medical Center S.P.I.R.I.T Committee

I am a member of the Oak Hill Baptist Church where I teach the Intermediate Sunday School Class. I believe in Jesus Christ who is the Lord and Savior of my life; I know that with His help all things are possible and without Him nothing is possible.




Josh Baker

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Working with horses is a perfect way for anyone to learn many basic aspects of life. Horses are powerful and graceful creatures, and God has allowed us their use. I am excited to be able to share the knowledge about horses that was once shared with me.

"Growing up with God’s green earth surrounding me, I developed a passion for the outdoors. I was fortunate to have a Dad and Granddad that shared their knowledge of craftsmanship and the outdoors with me. With some acreage to roam, my brother and I spent most of our days exploring every acre that wasn’t posted and some acres that were. When I started high school I was able to get a job working at Kiger Horse Training. At Kiger I learned the basics of horsemanship and developed the tools necessary to work with, not against, my horse to accomplish tasks. I carried this work ethic that I learned to Berry College, where God has blessed me. I truly believe that one of the main reasons for my success at Berry is the hard work I grew up around. For this reason, I am excited to share what I have learned with individuals who are hungry to learn.

I am most excited about the opportunity to share Christ’s love. As Paul talks about in Acts, my life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work of Christ. I’m blessed to be a part of Three Circles’s work for Christ."


Emme Bolton

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Encouraging children from Open Door to attend the Three Circles camps is one of my goals, as I believe that camp can be a valuable experience for any child.

My goal with our campers is not only to foster the enjoyment of a wonderful camping experience but to give them something to take away, something they can use in life. This year I would like to lead a cooking station to teach boys the basics of cooking with the goal of helping move them toward self-sufficiency.

I am originally from Mobile, Alabama. I'm a graduate of Auburn University, B.A., and Univ. of West Georgia, M.A. I am new to Rome and employed as a Mental Health Counselor at Open Door Children's Home. Open Door Children's Home is a nurturing, usually temporary residence for children who find themselves experiencing family challenges.


Ross Collins

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Ross leads the Nature Station and small engine repair courses at Three Circles.

A student at The University of Alabama of Birmingham, he enjoys working on cars. He also loves restoring and honing old straight razors, doing archery, knife making and collecting, having pistol matches, backpacking, climbing, woodworking, and machine design.

With these gifts, Ross makes it a point to "waste" time at the feet of Christ daily and to waste a day for Jesus weekly. Of course "waste" is not how he sees it. Unfortunately, it is the way the Sabbath and time with God are often viewed. Staying in touch with his family and close friends is of great importance to Ross, and he strives to reverse aspects of his life that involve harming our environment.

"The thickness of your skin shall be seven spans. . . . Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground -- the unborn of the future . . ."
-- excerpt from "Constitution of the Iroquois Nation"


Alison Crane

Alison is an animal science student at Berry College. She loves riding horses, showing cattle, backpacking, camping, dancing,singing and playing with her dog. Alison is still active at her home church in Gardendale, Alabama and continues to enjoy God's family there. She feels that she is closest to God when with nature and that God can truly be seen throughout His creation. Alison is pursuing a career to ignite a mutual respect between all aspects of God's creation, people and animals, through agricultural experiences.

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Alison assists in the horse courses at Three Circles Foundation. She believes working with horses allows us all to feel just a small fragment of the power and grace that God possesses. Through being able to control such a powerful and majestic creature, people come out with a new sense of self-worth and confidence and she is excited to be able to share this with others.


Shane Lee

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Shane leads the farm activities, construction skills and mechanical instruction (gasoline, diesel and small engines).

My name is Shane L. Lee, I am a father of two boys, Chad 13 and Dakota 12. I have been married to my wife Shannon for 15 years. I have been a volunteer firefighter at Subligna Fire Dept. since 2001. I am a active member at Subligna Baptist Church, I am a usher and help the brotherhood at church where we help the widows and widowers in our community.

I have been envolved with Three Circles Foundation since it began. My hope is that we can, as a group, help these boys at the camp understand that Jesus is the Way in everything we do in life. Also that they may see that there is still good people in the world that care and love them and we all want to see them exceed in life and that with Jesus Christ in their life that anything is possible.

My hope is that with just a day a month showing these boys some love and attention not judging them for what is going on in their lives that they maybe changed and get to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. May God Bless you and yours and everyone envolved, in anyway, with TCF camp.


Joseph Palmer

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Some of my responsibilities with Three Circles have included the creation of a TFC promotional/informational video, Facebook fan page administration, records up keep and the development of new marketing material.

My name is Joey Palmer and I was born and raised in Trion, GA. Upon Graduating from Chattooga High School I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication at Berry College in Rome GA. When I graduated in 2010 I found myself to be a vastly different person than who I had started out as four years earlier. My time at Berry was life changing, eye opening and a world view altering period of my life. And I am very thankful for that.
Currently I work as the Director of Production at Cornerstone Church in Rome Ga. I also run a small production company called Joseph Visuals. I enjoy mountain biking, throwing frisbees, hanging out with friends, melting icebergs, fighting fires, jumping canyons and hotdog eating contests (the previous 4 hobbies may or may not be real).

I am very proud and honored to be able to serve with the Three Circles Foundation. I truly believe in what they do and have seen the great impact the camp has on kids and the community first hand.


Carla White

Responsiblity at Three Circles:
Carla's responsiblity at the camp is helping to introduce horses to the young men who are there to learn and grow.

"Horses rescued me from profound sadness after a huge loss in my life. I am very excited to watch the boys as they not only learn to interact with the horses, but as the horses teach them real life lessons in the process. God uses these magnificent creatures to teach me about hope, honesty, patience, unconditional love, trust and forgiveness.

The adventures and truths found at this camp can be a life changing experience for the boys and the volunteers! I am really thrilled to be a volunteer at Three Circles Foundation."

Carla lives with her husband and family of animals on a small farm in northwest Georgia.